Find Suppliers of Turmeric


Curcuma longa is a yellow Rizoma commonly known as turmeric. Of the ginger family, turmeric is an earliest crushed spice and loaded with several cosmetic and therapeutic benefits. The dynamic ingredients of turmeric include natural antibacterial properties.  The favorite spice heals and checks parched skin and cures acne and eczema. Traditionally, turmeric is used for everyday facial care. It helps the healthy aging process and slows down wrinkle formation. For the Indians, turmeric is all time great as an organic cleanser; added to milk, it brings healthy radiance to the skin. It is also used by Hindu in different rituals and celebrations.


Taking all this under consideration, turmeric exporters are trading this essential spice powder extensively. They are now giving services online because of the potentiality of the powder. Export demand for turmeric is growing as it is considered an immunity-boosting product.


Turmeric is extensively used in making a mixture of herbal powders required for healthy skin. These soften and smoothen the skin. Turmeric is generally used following Ayurveda treatments for cleaning the skin. Sometimes turmeric is replaced with substitute soap.


Throughout the considerable length of time, turmeric has been one of the widespread constituents for health-alert people. The people of the western world came to realize the benefits of this miracle spice relatively late, but Indian kitchens have had 100% reliance on turmeric for a long time. Indians use turmeric almost in every aromatic dish cooked in their kitchens, it also adds nutritional value to the food.

Read on a few advantages of consuming raw turmeric:

  • It helps smoother digestion.
  • It treats abdominal sores and irritation.
  • It helps to reduce irritation or swelling in the body.
  • It reduces skin impurities and skin irritation.
  • It heals wounds or cuts if applied locally.
  • It eliminates toxins and purifies the blood.
  • It regulates blood sugar levels.

Swelling or redness is a kind of infection which alarming for your immunity system. It is a short-run process. But, it turns out to be a severe health problem like cancer, if it lingers. Turmeric, filled with anti-inflammatory properties, can prevent prolonged soreness or swelling and some other related diseases.


Turmeric ranks third in the entire exports of spices from India. The chief importing countries of Indian turmeric are the UAE, Iran, the US, Sri Lanka, Japan, the UK, Malaysia, and South Africa. The other countries which compete with Indian turmeric exporters include: Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Netherlands.


There are masses of turmeric exporters and manufacturers who deal with organic turmeric fingers and turmeric powder. But there are a few well-known exporters of organic products companies in India who are mainly focused on Organic Spices.


India is the major cultivator and shipper of turmeric throughout the world. Indian Turmeric is recognized as the world’s best turmeric for the higher content of curcumin. India harvests about 80% of the turmeric needed for the world’s consumption and shares 60% of the total quantity of turmeric needed for world export. According to TPCI (Trade Promotion Council of India), turmeric ranks third in the number of spices export. Turmeric exporters have become the most reliable source across the world for turmeric marketing.